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We essentially provide six core services under each of which a range of solutions, trainings and instructional sessions are available. All our services are fully tailorable, and clients can choose between recommendations from our consultants - after identifying the areas requiring intervention, or selecting services based on their own perceptions of what their companies, organizations or institutions need.

Team Meeting

PD & Coaching

Whether it’s a requirement, a means of improving employee outcome, or simply an incentive; professional development and its accompanying training ...

Business Meeting

School Management & Development

GlobalED possesses substantial experience in the establishment, management and development of educational institutions ...

Adult Students


GlobalED offers in-house and virtual courses in many of the major exams that are prerequisites to Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate programs ...

Airplane Engine

Study Abroad

If you’re looking to study abroad, GlobalED offers all the services you need to make it happen. Our consultants are equipped to answer ...



We understand the paramount importance of competent, diligent and professional staff to any institution, and so we employ a ...

Boy with DIY Robot

Technology Integration

Coming Soon

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