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School Management & Development

GlobalED possesses substantial experience in the establishment, management and development of educational institutions. Within each of these areas, we offer various services which assist potential and preexisting school owners work towards and achieve their goals.

School Development

  • Administrative Development

  • Academic and Curriculum Development 

  • Administrative / Instructional Staff Development 

  • Extra-Curricular Activity Development

  • Advertising

School Management

  • Administrative Management

  • Academic and Curriculum Management 

  • Administrative / Instructional Staff Management

  • Extra-Curricular Activity Management

  • Transportation Management

  • Entire School Management

School Establishment


Services under this area are delivered based on a round-table meeting with potential clients to determine their visions, which then leads to the selection of one, a few, or all of the following services.

  • Potential facility inspection and selection

  • School logo, slogan, mission and vision statement, 

  • Creation of school procedures and policies (Administrative)

  • Creation of school procedures and policies (Academic)

  • Recruitment

  • LMS / ERP selection and implementation (Administrative & Academic)

  • Technology integration

  • Marketing and Advertising 

  • Transportation 

  • Timetables and Schedules 

  • Extra-Curricular Activities 

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