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Education and Vision 2030

​​​Relationship: Education with Society



Ways of Educational Development:

​Developing philosophy, policy and goals of curricula, means of development, mechanism activation and connecting all these means with the programs of teacher preparation and his professional  development .  Developing such teaching methods, that focus on learner not on teacher, and concentrate on inculcating skills, personality development, improving confidence, and promoting spirit of creativeness.  Developing attractive, preferred, and simulant school environment, connecting it with supportive and integrated services systems.   Comprehensive education for persons with disabilities, and providing appropriate  support to all its  categories.  Providing pre-primary education opportunities and expanding it, providing kindergartens, and activating its link with education  system.

Ways of Administrative Development:

Redefine school as an educational institution, that hones talent, inculcates skills, and nurtures generation of ambitious future adults who have the spirit of facing challenges, competitiveness, and loves work, and production. Assuring discipline in the educational system, seriousness in educational practice, starting activities and attending conferences and events. Restructuring education sector, modernization of systems, instructions, and bylaws to  control curricula development, staffing teachers in educational services, organizing the process  of educational supervision, and continuously raise the competence of development and vocational training. Raising efficiency of  operational performance, reducing the waste cost, maximizing use of human potential, resources, equipment, and buildings.

​Changing Trends:

​Improving and developing the administrative environment in the Ministry and its Education departments, approving decentralization of the administration, delegating powers to departments and schools to serve the education system.    Developing rules and procedures  to ensure work seriousness, and discipline in education system, promote justice, and reward excellent performance.  Raising the efficiency of performance, employing modern support technologies in education system.

Workshop: National Transformation Program


Beginning of National Transformation Program 2020:

In the beginning  of 2016, the  National Transformation Program 2020 was started with Ministry of Education’s participation in country’s sectors. The challenges faced by education were compiled, general objectives of education, performance measurement indicators, and  also educational realization initiative for National Transformation Program were developed, and carried out as follows:  


​ 📷

The Intended Objectives of Education System:

The intended objective of education system is to nurture generation of students who have values, appropriate basic skills of distinct specializations​.


Professional Development of Young Generation:

Ministry of Education in  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  is seeking to  develop general and basic skills of all students to enable them, to face modern life requirements, in addition to specialized skills for each profession that covers all professional fields for young generation.


Significance of Education, and its Relation with Development of National Economy:

Education sector is considered as one of the vital sectors that has close connection with society and has strong connection in developing national economy.Education is contributing in transition of the economy from dependence on one source of income to economy depending on mind-sets with high skills, creative, and productive human energies.Education system encourages dependence on reliability and safety resources, programs and projects, opening up investment opportunities, and eventually generate professional opportunities.Education is contributing in developing human capital, and also contributing in acquiring the requirements and needs of labour market.

Overcoming Challenge:


Our Vision:


Connecting Goals and Axis of Vision:


Ideal Student: Chara​cteristics


Independent Schools (New Operating Model):


Encouraging Private Sector Investment in Education:


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